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8 Ways to Stay Sane While Staying Home

By June 2, 2020No Comments

Online Guided Workouts & Meditations

With gyms being closed and being stuck in the house all day, our legs are beginning to get a bit restless. There are plenty of online workouts to choose from, local gyms that have closed may be offering online classes, there are tons of fitness instructors that post online videos (e.g. Pamela Reif, Melissa Wood Health are on Youtube) and many more that have adjusted to teaching online while their clients are at home.
While our bodies are getting antsy so are our minds. Meditation is a great way to let go. It may be hard with the whole family inside at all hours but if you can grab at least 10 minutes a day to do a guided meditation it will keep you closer to sanity. There are many free guided meditations on Youtube and other websites. You can unwind and listen to the sounds of St. Barts via Le Barthelemy’s sound transport at the bottom of this page. Corepower, Golds Gym, and many other fitness studios are offering free virtual classes with a few clicks.


Yes, we know everyone is telling you to pick up a new hobby, but truly when are we going to have the time to do this again? If you can’t think of a new artistic endeavor to take you can print out this adult mandala coloring book from Velas Resorts in Mexico to ease your mind through these strenuous times. Center Stage Theater wants to see what you are creating and is taking submissions for their Personal Stories,
“While we currently cannot be together, this does not mean we cannot perform or share! With this noted, we want to see what you are creating! Stories, poems, monologues, dances, songs, short plays, multimedia extravaganzas — what are you creating?”

Cook A New Recipe

Make something new in the kitchen! You could make your famous pasta dish, but the family is probably already bored of that two weeks into staying home. Look up a brand new recipe (or a few) and learn a new skill. You could learn a new cooking technique, how to cook a type of meat you had never prepared before, or bake a unique dessert. This exercises your brain, takes your mind off the current situation and leaves your belly happy and full. Our friends at Regent Seven Seas Cruises have put together a list of fun recipes to make at home from their world renowned chefs. Velas Resorts has a few easy recipes to make with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

Take A Walk

(We know this may seem redundant, but it’s the best thing for you!) It really matters that much! Getting a little fresh air and a change of scenery will calm your nerves and give you a break from hearing negative information from the media. Even if it is just 5 minutes, the break from being inside will provide you with clarity. We are also lucky to be in a country where we are allowed to do this, other countries that have been on lockdown in quarantine have had to stay inside 24/7. Remember to not go on crowded trails, closed parks/beaches or places where you will be in close proximity to other people or it will defeat the purpose.

Travel Virtually


Many companies, hotels, tour agencies, cruise lines and more have created virtual tours and explorations for people to take advantage of. Contiki has assembled a great list of these types of activities. You can get your Daily Dose of Nature with Natural Habitat Adventures, conducted by guides from around the globe every weekday. Take a virtual exploration with Lindblad Expeditions! There are new expeditions uploaded daily.

Support A Local Business

Many local and small businesses are still offering their delicious meals, wines, and services. The Santa Barbara Chamber has a list of restaurants that are still open and offering delivery. Many are offering free deliver and have special menu items. Help our homegrown small businesses to stay afloat so they can open their doors back up in a few weeks! Here is a shortlist of a few businesses on our block who are open and eager to fill your stomach with flavorful food: Satellite ($25 meal packages delivered to your door! And wine orders too!), Oppi’z Bistro – available for takeout and delivery, Embermill, Dune Coffee Roasters, Mizza, Andersens and many more throughout Santa Barbara are still open for pickup and/or delivery.


Don’t just scroll through the news or Instagram endlessly (yes we know the challenges are fun), take time to explore the classics or a book a friend has recommended. Before travel, the way many explored the world was through stories and literature.  You can also grab a lonely planet guide and learn about the places you want to explore when we can get back out there!

Stay Social

Have a Facetime/Zoom wine night with the girls, or game night with the guys. Just because you can’t sit next to each other doesn’t mean you can’t still have a social life. (It’s also a lot cheaper than going out for dinner or drinks on a Saturday night). And family movie night will always be a winner!