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Corporate Travel and ManagemenT

Companies have relied on theconsultative experiencethat Santa Barbara Travel provides in designing and enhancing their corporate travel programs. We assist companies to implement travel programs that increase efficiency and reduce expenditures. For business travel we have earned our client’s trust by delivering outstanding service and solutions on every single trip.

Corporate Travel Management has evolved over the years with new technology that streamlines the booking process, enhances data analytics, and improves service delivery and duty of care to travelers.  Santa Barbara Travel employs the industry’s leading technological solutions.  But, the fundamentals of corporate travel remain constant – when a flight gets cancelled or an emergency occurs the traveler needs to speak with a corporate travel advisor who can solve the immediate issue.  As much as technology has advanced our industry it cannot replace the human contact and creative solutions of an experienced advisor who knows how to fix the problem at hand. 

Many new entrants in the business travel market want to convince travelers that an airline ticket is a simple commodity that can be booked on an app or through an online booking portal.  However, when weather or natural disasters cause flight delays and cancellations, or labor actions snarl airports, there is no substitute for the lifeline that a professional corporate travel agency provides.  Companies can rely on Santa Barbara Travel’s advisors to coordinate all of the complex elements – air, hotel, car and transportation, etc. – that need to be addressed in the most efficient manner.

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​For instance, when a client calls from a coffee shop in JFK panicking about missing his two o’clock meeting because his flight to Seattle was just cancelled, we are able to handle that dilemma in a way that an app or online booking tool cannot.

For each company we work with we create a unique travel profile page that enables any employee to upload their personal information once and have it stored and available to our travel advisors. It is efficient and simple and assures a seamless booking process on all reservations. We have agents across all time zones so we can be reached 24/7/365 to assist our travelers whenever and wherever they are.

Apps certainly have a specific place in the corporate travel ecosystem. Santa Barbara Travel employs one of the industry’s best applications for document delivery and travel updates.  However, apps have a limit on what they can do.  Group travel, complex multi-city and international travel are not easily booked using an app or an online booking tool.  Room blocks, rooming lists, meeting and conference needs, intricate ground transportation and other non-air arrangements require the attention of a professional advisor.  These are tasks that an app simply cannot customize to a client’s needs.

Santa Barbara Travel’s advisors average over 20 years of industry experience. They have dealt with every problem that can conceivably come up during a business trip. They are absolutely dedicated to finding the proper solution to every travel-related concern and making the business traveler and travel manager’s involvement as seamless as possible.
For over 70 years Santa Barbara Travel has been helping clients with their travel needs.   Drop by our Santa Barbara or Montecito office, contact us below or call today for more information about our services.

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