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Drift Through Burgundy’s canals, aside world renowned vineyards and pastoral countryside scenery

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Barge Lady Cruises

Your enchanting day in France begins…

Imagine waking up peacefully floating down a river, being surrounded by beautiful landscapes, vineyards and picturesque villages. You step out of your bedroom to be greeted by the smell of fresh baked croissants and pastries. Breakfast is enjoyed with an espresso atop the exterior deck patio where you watch the water slowly slip behind you as your captain guides you through the French countryside. Your itinerary for this charming fairytale day includes a bike ride to a local winery, followed by lunch prepared by your personal chef.

​This is a typical day when traveling via barge. The word barge may throw you off at first but as you can see above, this is not your typical barge. Barge cruising is one of the most personalized, unique offerings for a upscale vacation. The Barge Lady, a  

company (truly more of an experience) featuring the most opulent vessels, mainly operates all throughout France. However they also meander up and down waterways in England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Italy. 

Let’s step aboard Grand Cru. This beauty is The Barge Lady’s latest elite barge, traveling through Burgundy, France. “Any introduction to barge cruising should start with French itineraries, and the newest 6-star vessel in the waters of France is the 8-guest Grand Cru, serenely plying the inland waterways of Southern Burgundy.  Setting the standard for 6-star barges, approachable elegance and contemporary style exudes from this splendid vessel. Grand Cru operates as a floating French boutique hotel, with the warm and welcoming salon serving as barge’s spacious social center. Four ensuite cabins are among the most luxurious in barging, offering every modern amenity.  The pleasures of food and wine are front and center; a state-of-the-art galley is the perfect perch for informal cooking demonstrations, and gourmet menus reflect the region’s epicurean abundance. Uniquely to the barge’s dining program, the exceptional elixirs from local Grand Cru vineyards are paired with lunches and dinners.” An attentive crew is always at the ready to take care of your every need.

For excitement ashore you can stroll through charming towns and villages each day. Sometimes biking down the local tow path, other days dining at Michelin star restaurants. Burgundy is referred to as “The Land of Good Living”. You will definitely agree when you find yourself wandering through the markets, visiting medieval sites, and taking guided tours of Roman churches and basilicas. Beaune is the wine capital of Burgundy, which you will be able to roam extensively and taste away. The Barge Lady’s styled itineraries create an unimaginable elite but authentic experience of classic French lifestyle.

​Luxury barging is a perfect vacation for those who would like to have a change of pace. It offers a unique experience, an alternative to hotel stays or tourist crowded cities. There is no sacrifice in attention to detail and a pristine standard of service and quality is displayed at all times. The Barge Ladies truly know how to curate an extraordinary and rare holiday in Europe.