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Experience true luxury with singita african lodges

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singita redefines ‘luxury’ in africa

Explore their 12 lodges and camps in tanzania, zimbabwe and south africa


Sabora Tented Camp

“People feel privelaged to stay in unpopulated, untouched wilderness aeras and they choose to stay with us because our lodges have a reputation for being rare and authentic, while embodyinga philosophy of sensitivity” 

-luke bailes, founder & Ceo

Singita means ‘Place of Miracles’ in Shangaan…and that is exactly what it is. Boasting 12 lodges and camps in five wilderness regions across three African countries, Singita has always been characterized by a pioneering spirit and a sincere desire to preserve wilderness areas for future generations. See their different lodges below: 

south africa


Boulders Lodge


boulders lodge


ebony lodge

lebombo lodge

sweni lodge



Serengeti House


Faru Faru lodge

sabora tented camp

sasakwa lodge

serengeti house

mara river tented camp



Pamushana Lodge


pamushana lodge


Singita’s conservation efforts focus on three pillars: Biodiversity, Community and Sustainability. Their wilderness preservation began two decades ago, and now they employ 1,200 staff across four regions in Africa with an estimated impact on 7,000 family members. Singita boasts one million acres of land under their care, and their hospitality services partially fund the protection and preservation of land and wildlife populations. They also work to help empower communities on the outskirts of the reserves. Learn more about Singita’s conservation. 

to stay at singita or to learn more about their lodges, contact erin zetter or your santa barbara travel advisor: 

erin zetter