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Does a travel agency cost more than booking myself? 

A travel agent cuts down your time (time costs money) spent on researching the best travel dates, cruise, destination, hotel or tour. Santa Barbara Travel has access to valuable travel information at their fingertips, plus our professional travel advisors have the knowledge of fitting you with the best possible company to fit your travel needs and desires. Additionally, we have access to numerous hotel, car, and air discount programs which can offer substantial savings. Our hotel partnership programs offer complimentary upgrades with such added amenities as breakfast and food & beverage credits.

What is a major reason to book with santa barbara travel?

For the experienced traveler looking for a unique, ‘haven’t been there, haven’t done that’ trip. Our travel advisors have access to the finest travel providers and premier destinations in the world. By booking with Santa Barbara Travel, we are able to offer you bonus amenities or travel experiences not found, nor offered on the internet. Our advisors listen to what you want – and then fashion the elegant solution to your travel equation.

What are other reasons i should book with santa barbara travel?

Booking online may seem simple, but what happens when your flight cancels or your hotel reservation can’t be found. Santa Barbara Travel has your back. With our experienced travel advisors plus a 24-hour call center, we will get you to where you need to go when a challenge should arise. Try calling your online booking company with problems….

What types of travel do you book? 

Santa Barbara Travel is a full-service travel company. We can arrange air, train, cruise, barge, hotel, safaris and tours. We have the experience and technology to help plan customized itineraries, destination weddings, honeymoons, family reunions, incentive packages, corporate meetings and entertainment travel. 

Why santa barbara travel? 

Santa Barbara Travel cares about customer satisfaction. We want you to use our service over and over again, in addition to referring our services to your friends and family. 

Can i escort my unaccompanied minor to the gate at the airport if they are flying alone?

Yes. If you leave your ID at the ticket counter and provide a copy of your child’s itinerary. Ask for an "escort pass". You should be able to make it past security and escort your unaccompanied minor to the gate. 

Do you do currency exchange?

No. But the US Bank down the street from our downtown office does!

Can you assist with visas?

Unfortunately, no. However we do recommend our clients to CIBT or Zierer Visa Services. 

What is tripcase and how can i find my itinerary and invoice?

TripCase gives travelers a single place to manage and organize their trips. Connected to powerful technology and travel companies, TripCase is an itinerary management app that delivers the right information at the right time. 

How to find your invoice and itinerary via tripcase:

See instructions below.