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our favorite travel related april fools pranks

By April 2, 2018June 2nd, 2020No Comments

Photo courtesy of REI

This year the internet showed no mercy towards its ‘netizens’ in regards to April Fool’s pranks…and it certainly did not disappoint. Here is a list of our favorite travel related pranks that we definitely didn’t fall for. Okay, maybe a couple…

1. Gopro did not come out with a new solo traveler mount ‘armie’ 

In the age of Instagrammers and the ever-so-popular “follow me” pose amongst travelers, it wasn’t hard to fall for this prank engineered by GoPro. Their ad starts out with a young wanderluster running in various cities around the world holding the hand of her seeming companion, only to be revealed at the end of the video as a plastic arm mount called ‘Armie’. Designed for solo travelers that want to appear a little less…lonely, Armie is the perfect bait for single millennials. 
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2. G adventures did not announce a dogs-only machu poochu itinerary 

I have to admit, coming into the office on Monday morning to this email made me scratch my head, however it wasn’t crazy enough to be labeled as a prank right off the bat. Upon first read it looked as if G Adventures was offering a Machu Picchu trek with your dog…okay, that’s cool. At second glance, they’re offering a full on dogs-only itinerary where they promise to greet your furry friend with ceviche at the airport! A little ridiculous even for our canine loved ones…dontchya think? 
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3. southwest did not create a virtual personal assistant called ‘swalexa’

At first I thought Southwest was getting ahead of the game with an ‘Alexa’ type virtual assistant for booking flights, but don’t be fooled, this is again yet another April 1st prank. In the video the SWAlexa seems to sense awkward situations and offers the owner a flight away from it in true ‘Alexa’ fashion. Don’t we all wish we could have a SWAlexa? Brava, Southwest. 
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4. Lion King the musical did not announce it’s newest show in antarctica

This was one of those “um…what?” pranks. Hard to believe at first glance, but you have to give them their props. A little horrifying to think of Antarctica as the next ‘Broadway’ though…yay or nay? 
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5. this company will not be delivering food to campers via drone

As convenient as this invention by BioLite would be, it just seems a little out there and quite frankly, creepy. Let’s keep the great outdoors a private experience without someone spying on us from above, eh? 
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6. rei did not announce an all-in-one piece of clothing made out of zippers

REI may just deserve the April Fool’s Gold Star for this one. An all-in-one, versatile utility jumper called the ‘ZipAll’ was the star of their prank this year. Offering more than 30 zippers with 1,001 unique wearing models, this item is truly an outdoorsmen’s dream. Unfortunately, it still remains one, as REI created this look for only one day. We demand ZipAll! 
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7. virgin australia did not come out with an in-flight spin class

I hope we’re not the only ones that thinks this isn’t too eccentric. I mean, if they used to have pianos, ping pong and fashion shows on airplanes, what’s to say they wouldn’t throw in a cardio room? Give the people what they want! 
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Written by: Ally Daisa