Santa barbara travel now offers gopro for rent

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Santa Barbara travel now offers a gopro hero+ Program

Don’t Miss a Memory. Book Your Next Trip with Santa Barbara Travel and Ask Us About Our GoPro Program

GoPro’s are perfect for capturing professional quality video and photo. They are extremely durable and versatile, and can be mounted on a variety of mounts you can carry with you. They can be taken for an underwater plunge, on a dusty safari, or strapped on your body during a ski/snowboard session or even a sky dive excursion.

GoPro’s can be mounted on a long pole for easy selfie access, your head for POV footage, your chest for another POV angle, your foot, your hand, your wrist, your motorbike, car, plane, guitar, and even your dog. There are mounts available for all of these things, and more, including one you can bite on for surf trips. The options are endless!

Contact us if you are interested in bringing our GoPro along with you on your next adventure!

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