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“Thank you so much for making our 10 year anniversary so very memorable and special. The St. Regis was phenomenal and we absolutely loved punta mita so much! we’ll (hands down) be using you for future travel as well as referring your services to fam and friends!

– Marci B. 

“Thank you so much for the above and beyond care in easing my travel worries. This is a great example of why travel agents still have their place in this world, as a travel booking website doesn’t show much in customer service.”

– Eve s. 

“I’m just writing to let you know that Janet (Morton) went above and beyond the call of duty tonite.  She’s been on the phone with me working out the travel for the July tour that was just insane.  

She’s really and truly the most amazing person I’ve known in this business.  I’ve worked with other travel agents in the past before I started my company.  No one is like her.  Absolutely no one.  Please make sure that she knows how special and important she is.  I hope you take good care of her there.”

-Gille Amaral
Dog and Pony INdustries, Inc

“Thank you David for all your help with this one…what sounds so easy can sometimes be difficult but you all made it work.”

– Barbara g.

“I have used Teresa Weeks as our corporate Travel Agent for the past…8 years…yikes!

She is prompt, professional and always looks to find the best route/airfare price possible. I have to admit that I usually peek on Travelocity first, and every time she has presented a better fight to me, at the same price as found on Travelocity.

Her ability to book a complex multi-leg trip makes my life as a traveler a breeze. AND, she’s bailed me out more than once when I’ve missed a flight.

The best testimony for Teresa: She won over our company CEO, who didn’t like Travel Agents, because they made mistakes with his itinerary. After she saved him almost $1,000 and quite a few air-hours, he never went back to booking his own flights.”

– Deb H.

“David, I am so impressed with your service. I was literally in line at the auto rental place, and as soon as it was my turn, the order that you JUST placed showed on the screen. Truthfully, I’ve always been impressed with SB Travel, but this great, immediate service was a delightful shock. I felt so taken care of — Thanks a million for doing what you do so well!”

-Michael F.

“I LOVE working with Santa Barbara Travel. If I had to do my own travel searches I would have even less time to do my job. Travel searches require expertise that I don’t have but that Santa Barbara Travel agents possess in abundance.
Most of the time, because I’m on EDT, I work with Teresa Weeks–and her work has been amazing. She is always willing to go the extra mile to find me the best schedules and rates.

That’s critical to me for several reasons: 1) I have to keep within my T&E budget; and 2) I’m in a market that doesn’t always give me a lot of choices.

Not only that, but Teresa is very thorough and efficient in her work. She sends me itineraries quickly and she even answers terribly basic questions from me when I have them. And she does all this cheerfully and professionally.
While I work most often with Teresa, I have found the same level of professionalism, knowledge, accuracy, thoroughness, and willingness to go the extra mile with everyone I’ve worked with at Santa Barbara Travel. Thanks for the good work!”

​-Debbie s. 

“Since moving to Ventura over 10 years ago, I have routinely used Santa Barbara Travel — with great satisfaction. My work requires an enormous amount of travel both domestically and inter-nationally. Because of my schedule, it is critical to get the best travel arrangements; this, they provide, even when accompanied by my frequent change orders. The service, speed, follow-through, and accuracy of their work is superb. I highly recommend Santa Barbara Travel Bureau for anyone who requires high quality and standards regarding their travel needs. They clearly meet and exceed my expectations.”

-Mitchell p.

“I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful service I have received this year from your office. As you know, our admission office travels extensively throughout the country and globe representing our School. Often times, trips are booked and details may need to be amended numerous times to accommodate our schedules as teachers, coaches and dorm parents.

For the last 5 years I’ve been working with your organization, I have never felt the support and professionalism I have received this year. So much so, that whenever I call to book a ticket, I always request Erin Zetter. Erin has truly been a God send for me this year as I have had numerous travel requests and multi-destination trips. She has dealt with my crazy schedule and (sometimes) last minute requests with ease, a smile and simply the best customer service you could hope for.

Seeing as I am also in the business of “customer/client relations/service” I understand how difficult it can be and how much it takes to make everyone feel valued, warm and attended to. I commend Erin, I commend you and I look forward to continuing to work with your organization for my personal travel as well. It’s a great feeling!”

-Kyle m. 

“Using Santa Barbara travel has really helped our business. We love that our agents are watching our employee’s flight selections carefully and alert us if there are alternative flights that can save us money.

SB Travel’s convenient billing has allowed our high-volume travelers to keep their AMEX cards ‘free’ from airfare charges so they have more credit available for rental cars, fuel and meals.

Teresa is a delight to work with. Our CEO has managed his own travel for more than 20-years. Getting him to use SB Travel was a big challenge. However, once Teresa coordinated one of his particularly complicated multi-leg trips and saved him both lay-over time, plus more than $900, he became a ‘believer’. He only uses Teresa now to book his travel as she knows his preferences and always gets him what he wants without having to ask.”

– Deb h.

“Santa Barbara Travel simply has the best overall support and service I have received from a travel agency in my 20 years of booking corporate travel. David Falls, my agent, at Santa Barbara travel has always made me feel confident in the pricing, scheduling and booking of all our corporate flights, both domestic and international.

From the personal attention I receive from David, all the way to the quarterly Travel Management Summary provided and reviewed with me in person by our account manager, at the end of each quarter, there has never been a time that I have felt like a little fish in a big sea of travelers. I have been approached by many “corporate travel agencies” to switch our business to their agency and my response is always the same… “I couldn’t be happier with Santa Barbara Travel and I have no intentions of switching today or in the future”. Job well done SB Travel!”

-Sandi s.

“Need another reason to use an expert travel agent? Wife and i on our way to london today for our annual conference we host. delta sends us an email saying ‘your flight is delayed 50 minutes’.

unfortunately, we booked a flight with one stop – 40% less. the delay, if you believed it was only 50 minutes would put us on the edge of missing our connecting flight. i called charlie, told him we’d appreciate his intervention and experience to see if he could get us the virgin flight non stop from sfo. (understand, the upper class tickets are selling for $8,500 each. crazy right?)

​we had one free using miles on delta and a greatly reduced ticket using delta vacations. He was able to get us the virgin flight, business class, no extra money. do you really think you can do this yourself using expedia?? not. the $40 i spent per ticket (his fee) was inconsequential. enough said.” 

-Greg C. 

“Dear Charlie, Despite the fact we were lucky enough to stop by in person, i wanted to thank you for the unbelievable honeymoon you crafted for us. each destination was spectacular and the hotels were fantastic. we could not have asked for a more special trip! we are so grateful to you for everything you did for us. it made the wedding planning and such go that much smoother! from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping us with the trip of a lifetime.” 

– kevin & grace

dear santa barbara travel bureau:

my husband and i wish to thank shawna branchev for creating our perfect trip to southwestern france. shawna located great accommodations, close to our chosen historical sites, that were clean and reasonably priced. she was instrumental in obtaining refunds for a missed train and lodging in the beginning of our trip; and made regular contact with us to ensure our trip was successful. we gladly recommend her, and santa barbara travel bureau, without hesitation. 

the browns

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