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Top 5 honeymoon destinations

By January 15, 2018June 2nd, 2020No Comments

The hottest honeymoon destinations of 2018

we surveyed 44 brides-to-be on their most desired honeymoon destinations…
and the votes are in! 

1. Thailand 

With it’s beautiful, lush nature and pristine white sand beaches, it’s no surprise this exotic destination came in as the clear winner. Thailand is for the adventurous couple, looking for a romantic getaway surrounded by palm trees and rice fields, gibbons and elephants…not to mention the delicious street food. With top-notch diving in their turquoise blue waters, and dining in the treetops of their verdant green jungles, Thailand offers everything and more to newlyweds. Whether you want a spiritual getaway or just relaxing romance, Thailand is the place for you!

2. Tahiti

‘La Ora Na! Tahiti is an absolutely perfect destination for a honeymoon. With perfect weather year round, clear, transparent turquoise water and locals who are dedicated to sharing their secret to happiness with you, Tahiti needs to be on your 2018 travel list. Watch tropical fish swim underneath your over water bungalow, or have the locals drop you off on a deserted island for the day for your own private picnic. In Tahiti, almost anything is possible. 

3. Iceland 

Although Iceland may be the last destination you would think of for your honeymoon, it is the top emerging destination of 2018, according to Virutoso’s 2018 Luxe report, and can be very romantic in nature. Despite feeling like you are on another planet…talk about exotic…Iceland is saturated with beautiful scenery, not to mention it is a great destination to view the Northern Lights. We recommend you stray away from their famed Blue Lagoon, and wander inland to the remote Fjallabak Nature Reserve and north to quiet coastal towns, such as Husavik. In Iceland, you can have untouched glaciers and dramatic vistas to yourself and your loved one, you just have to go beyond the Ring Road, to areas still relatively undiscovered by tourists. We recommend going with a guide, which we will happily arrange for you (we know people). 

4. Caribbean

A classic honeymoon destination, The Caribbean’s many iconic islands each showcase their own individual personality. From jamming in Jamaica, to snorkeling in Aruba, discovering waterfalls in Saint Lucia, to most recently, experiencing the old world culture of Cuba, the Caribbean has a lot to offer to newlyweds. They offer a vast library of all-inclusive hotels, where you and new spouse can simply relax and indulge…with no fear of looking at the room bill. 

5. Hawaii

It’s no surprise (and no secret) that Hawaii is on this list. As a tropical destination that’s so accessible, newlyweds everywhere flock to these famously romantic islands. The best part? No passport needed. (If you are a US citizen of course). Watch the sunset on top of a Volcano, and sample goat cheese, coffee and lavender scones from local farmers. Discover Hawaii Regional Cuisine, a fusion of ethnic flavors with local ingredients developed by 12 celebrated Hawaii chefs.  With Hawaii being the No. 2 getaway in the U.S. on this year’s Virtuoso Luxe Report, it’s safe to say that you will not be disappointed celebrating your nuptials here. Aloha…

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