Andrew Seligman

I was born and raised in Wales and know the UK intimately. I return regularly although I have lived in the USA for more than 20 years with my wife and daughter. My interests include swimming, rugby, music, current affairs and of course travel.

I specialize in planning complex independent itineraries that are outside the standard brochure offerings.

Areas of Expertise

Independent Travel, Multi-faceted Trip Planning, Family Travel

Destination Expertise

United Kingdom, Europe, South Pacific, South East Asia, Cuba, Papua New Guinea.


Tourist Authorities’ Specialist Certifications from Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Britain, France, Germany, Chile, Peru, Tanzania, India, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan

EMAIL ANDREW(805) 869-1132


Don’t be afraid of new experiences when you travel.
Travel helps you keeps a sense of proportion.

Andrew's Testimonials

Andrew knows his stuff. He is familiar with international travel airlines and scheduled, as well as places to stay and the highlights in the areas I wanted to visit. Because of the health scare, we had to alter some of our plans. He talked with the airline and helped us change some flights with no extra charges. The hotel choices he gave us were excellent, and we chose one right near a beautiful Japanese garden in Tokyo; it was also near the train station for easy transportation.

Shell"Experience Counts"

Andrew planned and executed the most wonderful trip for us. He always has the best ideas and suggestions and they are usually the high point of any visit. The agencies he uses abroad are always the best and the guides are spectacular. Everything is well prepared and there is always room for adjustments and additions. Don't know how he finds such great people. It is rare to find someone like Andrew who is so very knowledgeable and also such a warm and gracious human being. Nothing ever dismays him, even when I arrive with a whole new set of priorities after he has a,ready set everything up! Why he puts up with me I shall never know but am profoundly grateful.

Nancy"Best Travel Advisor in the World"

Andrew is an amazing professional. He helped me sort out an amazingly complex family rendezvous very easily, was always kind, patient and available, and he found amazing deals. He not only knows his business thoroughly, but he is also excellent at the lost arts of customer service and communication. He is by far the best travel agent I have worked with and I recommend him very highly.

Bob"Thank You Andrew!"