Anna Kirkwood

The love of travel was instilled in me when I was 17 and my parents took me to Europe on a bicycle tour. A bike, that carried 2 pannier bags,  packed with 15 lbs of clothes and essentials to last a month.  A life changing experience I treasure to this day.

I grew up in Santa Barbara, CA. I attended NAU in Flagstaff AZ, and graduated with a degree in Dietetics. Soon  after graduation a friend and I wanted to take some time to travel and decided on  Australia.  After six  months in the South Pacific, I came back  and enrolled in Travel School.  While not what my parents expected after 4 years of college, I couldn’t deny my passion for travel.

I enjoy  the outdoors, running, biking and hiking, and spending lots of time with my son, family and friends.  Traveling when I can, near or far. Planning the next adventure is always part of the fun. I enjoy my down  time  reading a good novel, John Grisham a favorite, and  inspiring true stories.

Areas of Expertise

Corporate travel. 20+ years catering to business travelers, domestic and international and current Corporate Team leader.

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My tip is actually one of my favorite traveler’s quotes, “The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson