Casey Alfonso

Being raised by an Indian father and an Italian mother,  they gave me the gift of embracing different cultures and traveling to all parts of the world.  My favorite destination is Venice, Italy and I even lived in Taiwan for a summer.  Our family loves baseball and with my husband and son, we have traveled to 21 baseball parks.  I enjoy watching my son play golf (I ride around in the cart), coffee dates and reading.

For over 40 years I have planned high volume travel which includes air, hotel, car, ground transportation and limos.  After all these years, the best part of my job is taking care of the client’s needs from start to finish.  Love the interaction with them; their stories and making new friendships along the way.

Areas of Expertise

Domestic and International Corporate Travel, Group Sales Meetings, In-depth Travel Arrangements Encompassing Air, Hotel, Car, and Ground Transportation.

EMAIL CASEY(805) 869-1114


Always hydrate with plenty of water!

Casey's Testimonials

"I just wanted to pass along how good Casey is in helping us road warriors. I know you already know this; but, I like to give attaboys.
Casey was great in helping me navigate through two sets of weather delays in three airports. She was always watching out for any issues that might pop up and was one step ahead in planning a recovery option.
As trying as yesterday was, she was a tremendous help while I was trapped on the tarmac.
Casey- thanks again."

"I have many great memories of business adventures wiith NMB, including many travels, most of which you so expertly arranged. I really appreciate the great support you have always given to me. I have always liked your gentle and gracious style to complement your flawless professional talents. I've enjoyed the many discussions we've had over the years."

"If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!
Thank you for all you do for me, and for NMB as a whole. You are a LIFESAVER! Literally a LIFESAVER!"