Teresa Weeks

I am the East Coast remote agent for Santa Barbara Travel Bureau’s corporate travel accounts.  I have been with Santa Barbara Travel Bureau since 2007, and in corporate travel the entire time.  I work with large corporate groups which include negotiations on discounts for airlines, ground transportation and hotels. Prior to that I worked in Reservations – Domestic and International Special Member Services for Delta Airlines and as a Supervisor at the Philadelphia Airport for Airtran. Having worked on both sides of the industry (over the phone assistance and airport assistance) has given me a greater knowledge of what happens in any type of delay for a passenger and helps me to assist them on the next step. I am married with 4 children.  I love to go to the pool and shore in the summer.  I also love a great amusement park! I love to try to make the travel day smooth and effortless.

Areas of Expertise

Corporate Travel, Specialties – Large Corporate Groups, Incentive Travel

Destination Expertise

International & Domestic Travel

EMAIL TERESA(805) 869-1122


Always make sure you check to see what documents you need for the destination and ALWAYS arrive to the airport early!

Teresa's Testimonials

"Thank you for your great support and especially your patience and openness for my extra wishes throughout all these past years. Your way of working has been a constant reminder for me of how attentiveness, care and willingness to serve should look like! Characteristics and virtues we all need to strive for..."

Shahab W.

"THANK YOU for your help on not only this quick turnaround but to EVERYTHING that you do for me and Steve. Your attention to details are refreshing, your quickness brings light to me and my role. I just want you to know HOW MUCH I appreciate you professionally and HOW MUCH I like/love you personally. You make me BETTER at my job!!!"

Marcie G.QAD