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Valentine Getaways

By February 7, 2022No Comments

Celebrate the many types of Valentine love; romantic, self-love, family, friends- even the love of Mother Earth.

Whether you have a Valentine, or are looking for one, a vacation can be just what cupid ordered.

Santa Barbara Travel Bureau has specially curated trips to celebrate the many types of Valentine love; romantic, self-love, family, friends- even the love of Mother Earth. Keep reading to explore our list of the top five, love-filled destinations.

From “Galentine’s” girls trips to family getaways, we’ve got you covered and will ensure all the details are taken care of this Valentine season.

Craving the ambiance and warmth of the tropics? Or the architecture and history of iconic cites?  How about a group trip…ski-poker-sport-golf extravaganza, or a pool-wine-shopping-spa getaway?

Our travel experts have made sure to provide varied travel options, taking into account what’s open and safe.

February is the month of love!  Now is the time to plan a Valentine vacation. 

Top 5 Love-Filled Destinations

1. Paris, France


City of Love


Known as “The Eternal City Of Love” Paris tops our list. The sheer beauty and culture of the city fosters romance. The history and iconic features of Paris are recognized worldwide as the ideal place to celebrate love.

2.  National Parks, USA


Love the Earth


Love comes in many forms and can often be found in our own backyard.  No passport, no problem.  We have many itineraries to celebrate love with family, friends and Mother Earth.

3. Maldives, South Asia


Tropical Island Love



Let the warm tropical sun fill your heart as you relax into the easy pace of island life. Explore the culture and ecosystem of the jungle. Experience the sultry atmosphere while breathing in the sweet fragrant air of the tropics.  The perfect place to fall even deeper in love.


4. Sedona, Arizona


Self Love


Internationally known for healing and rejuvenation, desert hot spots like Sedona are ideal destinations to practice self-love. Treat yourself to a loving experience and escape to sooth your soul this Valentine season.

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4. Set Sail


Family Love


Family love- including friends and pets, can be tricky to celebrate.  Our experts agree that one way to ensure a diverse group of people thrive on vacation, is to take to the sea.  Perfect for traveling with groups, ships offer assorted ports of call, add on tours, entertainment and varied dining options for all ages and tastes. Private yachts, river paddle boats, arctic expeditions and cruise ships provide options that are as unique as your family.
Ready To Set Sail