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Companies have relied on the consultative experience that Santa Barbara Travel provides in designing and enhancing their corporate travel programs. We assist companies to implement meaningful discounts and valuable amenities that increase traveler satisfaction and reduce expenses. For business travel, we have earned our client’s trust by delivering outstanding service and solutions on every single trip.

Corporate Travel Management has evolved over the years with new technology that streamlines the booking process, enhances data analytics, and improves service delivery and duty of care to travelers.  Santa Barbara Travel employs the industry’s leading technological solutions.

  • Online booking portals
  • Duty-of-Care tracking and messaging
  • Data consolidation and reporting dashboards
  • A travel app that helps keep track of travel details by putting them in one place and displaying them simply.

The fundamentals of corporate travel revolve around cost and service and the value that we deliver to our clients.  This is especially true in non-traditional but important areas of the travel ecosystem.  We assist our clients:

  • Manage credit card points
  • Manage amenity points
  • Manage frequent flyer/guest points

Santa Barbara Travel is a rare example of a company that offers specialized and customized services.  This is especially important during a time of crisis when experience matters.  Our advisors average over 25 years in the travel industry and have a deep understanding of how to solve problems quickly and efficiently.  Companies can rely on Santa Barbara Travel’s advisors to coordinate all of the complex elements – air, hotel, car and transportation, etc. – that need to be addressed in one call or email.

We create detailed profiles at the corporate level and traveler level to ensure that both travel policy and personal preferences are met.  We offer extended office hours from 5 am PST to 5:30 pm PST and 24/7 after-hours services to assist our travelers wherever they are.

Apps certainly have a specific place in corporate travel. Santa Barbara Travel employs one of the industry’s best applications for document delivery and travel updates.

For over 70 years Santa Barbara Travel has been supporting clients’ travel needs.   Contact us today for more information about our services.


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Benefits and Value-Add Services

Account Management

Our Account Management provides advice on cost saving opportunities; program enhancements and will analyze data to highlight travel policy improvement.

Supplier Negotiations

Santa Barbara Travel reviews, analyzes and uses travel data to maximize discounts, amenities and benefits to enhance our clients' travel programs.

Dedicated Advisors

Corporate customers are assigned a team of specialists to service and support their business travel needs. These experienced professionals provide VIP service to travelers.

Risk Management

Travelers will have alerts sent directly to them for potential risk or events as well as a platform for communication. A custom dashboard is provided for travel managers to know where their travelers are and how to reach them.

Travel Policy Compliance

Our mandate is to implement and manage company travel policy - providing constant reporting and feedback communication.

Online Booking & Adoption

We have online and mobile platforms for booking efficiency and to keep your travelers up-to-date at all times.

Consultative Services

Our knowledgeable advisors are great resources for our clients. If there is a question, in most cases, we have the answer and the solution. And, if we don't we'll research it and find it.


Reporting is available online with customized dashboards or scheduled “push” reports. And, we can customize reports based on our client’s criteria.