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Bravo! Incentive Program

What is Bravo! ?

Bravo! is an individual or team incentive that provides recognition and appreciation for outstanding above-and-beyond performance or service. When someone feels appreciated and valued, it affirms the commitment they’ve made to the company and incentivizes them to excel. Bravo! is designed to spotlight and encourage behavior that supports the company’s core values:

• Unique and innovative employee contributions
• Special contributions made by an employee
• Significant team or cross-functional accomplishments
• Sales or service excellence
Awards begin at $500 with no maximum value.

How Bravo! Works

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

All employees are eligible for a Bravo! Award.

What types of awards are available?

Bravo! Awards are completely customizable by either the company or the recipient and are designed to stay within budget restrictions.  The company or employee can determine if they want to use the award for airfare, tour, cruise, hotel or another type of travel option that best fits their needs.

Do Bravo! awards expire?

No, Bravo! Awards are evergreen and never expire. In fact, Bravo! offers the ultimate in flexibility on when and where one wishes to travel.

What are the minimum and maximum awards available?

The minimum Bravo! award is $500 and there is no maximum amount.

How are Bravo! awards paid for and redeemed?

Click on the link below to request a Bravo! award or call 805 869-1100 for more specific information.  Once the Bravo! award level has been established Santa Barbara Travel will issue a Bravo! award certificate to the recipient with the contact information of the professional travel advisor assigned to design their trip.  It’s that easy.

Can the awards be personalized?

Absolutely.  Let us know what you need and we’ll customize the certificate for maximum positive impact.

How do I know if an employee’s actions are appropriate for award recognition?

As a company leader, you may nominate an employee for a Bravo! award. When a simple “thank you” does not seem quite enough, Bravo! awards can be given to employees to recognize their outstanding actions that contribute to the success of the company. When considering nominating someone for a Bravo! award think about the values that the employee exemplifies. Some examples below:


We own our actions, deliver on our commitments, and actively support our company’s goals.


We perform our responsibilities with the highest standards of quality to achieve exceptional outcomes.


We embrace diverse talents and perspectives, support collaboration, and encourage the open exchange of ideas.


We develop creative strategies and solutions in pursuit of continuous improvement.


We are honest, respectful, and ethical in all aspects of our work.


We commit to serve our customers and to earn their trust and confidence every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send awards to several employees (cross-functional team) quickly?

Bravo! awards can be hand-delivered, electronically delivered and turnaround is within 24 hours.

If I order several awards in one “group” for a team, when will the awards be sent out?

With a group order (several awards that all have the same message and value, but have the individual recipient name on the award), allow up to 48 hours for printing and delivery.

How do I redeem my award?

The recipient has the phone and email contact information on the certificate for their personal travel advisor. When ready to start planning the trip simply reach out to the travel advisor and get the booking process started.

What can recipients select when they redeem an award?

The beauty of The Bravo! is that the options are almost unlimited.   Because it is a travel certificate, the recipient has the option to redeem it for any type of travel  – hotel stay, cruise, tour, airline tickets, etc.

Can someone else use the Bravo! award?

Yes. During the redemption process, you can select to give the trip to another person.

How are awards redeemed?

Call or email your travel advisor and work through the details of the trip.  Because Bravo! awards have a specific value it is recommended to book well in advance of one’s travel dates.

I received more than one award. Can I redeem all of them at the same time?

Yes. Multiple awards may be combined.

Can I decide when I want to redeem my Bravo! award?

Yes. There is no deadline or timeframe to redeem your award. The Bravo! award never expires.