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Terms and Conditions

Santa Barbara Travel Bureau, INC. (SBTB) works vigilantly with our travel suppliers to maintain the integrity of the package price you were originally quoted and placed on deposit. There may be certain circumstances where your vacation may be subject to a price increase prior to full payment due to a supplier or a government-imposed fee or tax. Prices will not increase after you make full payment, except for charges resulting from increases in government-imposed taxes or fees or exchange fluctuations. SBTB will make a reasonable attempt to contact you prior to issuing charges.

All passengers are directed to always check the list of countries that require airlines to treat the passenger cabin with insecticides prior to the flight or while on the aircraft on the DOT’s Web site, as this list is updated from time to time.

NOTE: Passenger(s) assumes sole responsibility to confirm all travel documentation requirements. For traveler’s health information, please see the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website,

SBTB shall not assume responsibility for the accuracy of health requirements or vaccination and/or documentation prior to departure or upon landing at the final destination. See your health practitioner for advice.

Visit the US Department of State’s website on a regular basis for destination specific information regarding incidence of disease, terrorism, safety issues, crime, the need for travel documentation (such as passports, visas, proof of health/vaccination certificates), health hazards, and other restrictions regarding travel to your domestic and/or international destination(s), and re-entry into the United States.

SBTB does not make any representation or warranty regarding safe conditions or environments of the destination(s) booked through or by SBTB and that the individual(s) traveling through this booking each have an independent obligation to determine whether any unsafe condition may exist that may adversely affect the trip. For travel outside of the United States, SBTB has no special knowledge regarding unsafe conditions or other risks associated with such travel and the individual(s) traveling through this booking are reminded that such travel has inherent risks that are outside the control of SBTB. For information regarding cruise line incidents reported under the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act (CVSSA) of 2010, go to: For travel warnings or advisories about travel in Mexico, go to: For a warning about terrorism in Europe, go to For a worldwide terrorism alert, go to: For other information concerning possible dangers at destinations, SBTB recommends contacting the Travel Warnings Section of the U.S. State Department at (202) 647-5225 or

SBTB has no special knowledge regarding any health hazard(s), such as diseases or illnesses, that the individual(s) traveling through this booking may experience or encounter through their visit to their intended destination(s) as a result of their travels, and, consequently, SBTB does not make any representation or warranty regarding the health or wellness that such individuals may experience as result of their travels. The individual(s) traveling through this booking also assume full and complete responsibility for checking and verifying all required vaccinations for the intended destination(s) and all conditions regarding health and wellness issues that may be present or prevalent at the intended destination(s). For medical or health information related to the intended travel or destination(s), SBTB recommends contacting the Centers for Disease Control at (877) FYI-TRIP or

SBTB is not liable or responsible for any impacts prior to, during or before the individual(s) travel period in relation to COVID-19/coronavirus disease. For information on coronavirus SBTB recommends contacting the Centers for Disease Control or

US federal law prohibits passengers from bringing hazardous materials on the aircraft. For further information, each passenger should contact the relevant airline representative(s) on their itinerary. Restrictions on hazardous materials are listed and

The traveler acknowledges that SBTB is acting as the agent for the disclosed principal travel suppliers providing transportation, hotel or resort accommodation(s), sightseeing or excursion services, or air, bus, limousine and automobile services, and SBTB is not liable for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be incurred through the fault, negligence, willful acts, omissions or otherwise of any of the travel suppliers including, without limitation, their failure to deliver or their partial or inadequate delivery of services, fuel increases, and other matters outside of SBTB’s control, and the individual(s) traveling through this booking hereby release and hold harmless SBTB from any and all liability with respect to the same.

SBTB acts only as agent for the individual(s) traveling through this booking in acquiring air, cruise, or ground transportation, hotel or resort accommodation(s), sightseeing, excursions and other privileges or services,  for such individual(s)’ benefit, and in exchange of these described services individual(s) traveling through this booking accept said services on the express condition that SBTB’s liability, or that of its agents, employees, representatives, successors or assigns, for any loss, accident, injury, delay, defect, omission or irregularity which may occur or be occasioned, whether by reason of any act, omission, or negligence of any other third party company, entity or person engaged in or responsible for carrying out any of the arrangements, or otherwise in connection with the service(s) purchased or scheduled through this booking shall be limited to the total price of the trip of this booking as invoiced by SBTB. This limitation of loss shall also apply for any loss, accident, injury or damage suffered by the individual(s) while traveling through this booking by reason of any act (including willful, intentional, or criminal acts) of any third party or the negligence of any third party for which SBTB has no control. The individual(s) traveling through this booking each respectively agree that the courts within the State of California of competent jurisdiction will be the exclusive jurisdiction for all claims against SBTB arising out of the travel purchased through the booking, and all such individual(s) submits his/her respective person to the personal jurisdiction of such courts.

Please verify your itinerary for completeness and accuracy.

SBTB imposes a $100.00 cancellation fee on this reservation in addition to any vendor penalties. The cancellation fee will be charged at the time of cancellation. If you rebook within 12 months such cancellation fee will be applied to the new booking.

SBTB’s Professional Fee is nonrefundable.


A VALID PASSPORT BOOK IS REQUIRED FOR TRAVEL FOR ALL PASSENGERS. Some countries require that your passport be valid at least six months beyond the dates of your trip and/or may require that your passport have two to four blank visa/stamp pages.

If your passport book is expiring within 12 months of travel it is your responsibility to discuss the requirement(s) of your destination with your travel specialist.

SBTB is not responsible for denied boarding due or lost payments due to passport expiration or visa related issues. Additional information is available at

A VISA may be required for your destination of travel. Check each destination.

Should a visa not be issued for any reason, SBTB is not responsible for lost payments made toward the contemplated trip.


Passengers over 17 are required to present a valid state- or federally-issued ID that displays a photo, name, date of birth, expiration date and gender. Each ID also must possess a tamper-resistant feature like a hologram or state seal. A

A full list of acceptable documents is available on the TSA’s website