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Our goal is to create a seamless travel experience that maximizes efficiency, saves time, reduces costs, and benefits our clients. We hold ourselves to the same high standard of service that we have provided around the world for over 73 years.


Film & Television

We have entertainment and negotiated rates with airlines, car services and hotels. We can manage room blocks, and we can often obtain media rates for luggage. We are able to ticket in most states offering tax breaks to productions. Our experience in film and television travel spans a 30 year period.


We will handle all travel coordination of performances, tours, festivals and events. As well as securing prices for media and equipment, transportation, accommodations and air.


Santa Barbara Travel handles worldwide travel management for professional athletes and intercollegiate, intramural & professional sports teams. We can be reached no matter what time it is and no matter where in the world you may be.

Creative Industries

We oversee all of the logistics and arrangements for our clients travel needs. Whatever project you need assistance with, whether it is a shoot or a tour, we will present the most efficient options.

We have been working in the entertainment travel sphere for over 30 years. We know the ins and outs of coordinating every minute detail. Each project will be assigned a dedicated team. You will not be ringing a call center, you will be speaking with the same agent throughout the whole process. Each itinerary is personally tailored to your needs. We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency, and draw upon our expertise to present you with the best options. We’re experts in our industry, allowing you to be a phenomenon in yours.



  • 30+ years of experience in film and television travel
  • Personalized Production agreements
  • Negotiated rates for air, hotel and transportation
  • Discounted first class air contracts
  • Discounted hotel rate programs
  • Negotiated chauffeur service agreements
  • A member of Tour Connection
  • Facilitation of visa and passport arrangements
  • Ability to ticket air from various states to allow for production tax credits
  • Superior service with senior agents who are dedicated to each production
  • Flexibility in scheduling our entertainment advisors to meet peak travel needs, including weekends
  • Virtuoso Travel Network benefits, connections, amenities and upgrades
  • A global network of partners, hotels, airlines, car and chauffeur services