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The travel industry is changing by the minute these days and travel agents get the information first.

With different restrictions and allowances for each country, it is hard to keep track of every regulation. We have personal connections with airlines, tourism boards, hotels, cruise lines and tour companies allowing us to receive the information first. We are also members of the Travel Leaders Group and Virtuoso, both revered worldwide travel networks.

Travel agents know about the latest advancements, newest hotels and resorts and where the next trendy place to go its before it becomes trendy. Want to know what’s the best new secluded surf resort? Or where the newest elite hotel is, we know before the general public and are excited to pass that on to you.

If you want to save time and the stress that can be associated with not know sign what to book or where to go, we’re here to help alleviate that stress. Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll create your perfect trip while you focus on your priorities.

If something goes wrong, let’s say with an airline charging an extra fee, you don’t have to worry. Having a travel advisor allows for someone to be in your corner and advocate on your behalf, so you can enjoy your dream vacation.

Every details counts. With an advisor, you can let them know what little touches and details you would like on your trip. You can’t click a checkbox for your favorite cocktail upon arrival, but we can make sure you’re welcomed with that refreshing drink after a long flight.

We have specially negotiated rates with travel companies around the world. We also can offer you extra amenities and upgrades that are specific to Santa Barbara Travel clients. We know what is worth the money and what isn’t and wouldn’t advise you in a direction we wouldn’t take ourselves.

We truly are experts. You hire a handyman for home improvement or a financial advisor for help omg investments so why wouldn’t you go to an expert to help plan the trip you’ve been waiting for all year. We’ll make it exactly what you want and a little more!